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Let us show you that all Chiropractors are not the same

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Welcome to the HealthMax Experience

HealthMax Center is privileged to be Palm Beach's premier Chiropractic Center

We go out of our way to show our members that All Chiropractors are not the same. Come experience the HealthMax Experience and let us help get your body back in peak performance.

    • Unlimited Visits

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    • Friendly, Professional, and Inviting Center

Chiropractic Services That You Can Trust

You may have been to a chiropractor before, but until you feel the HealthMax Experience, you haven't seen anything yet.  We take a holistic approach to helping your body heal itself and getting your body into it's peak performance.

Stress Relief

Pain Relief

Body at Peak Performance

Healthy Lifestyle

We Value Your Family's Health And Your Time

HealthMax Center was created to help improve health in individuals and families in South Florida. We have developed a program where you can come in as often as you need or like for one low cost, to get your body in peak performance. We work with adults, children, infants, prenatal, and all those participating in sports from youth leagues to college to professional. If you want your body to heal itself, come in and check us out and see how we stand out from all the other chiropractors.


A chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure on the nerves around the

spinal cord, allowing these nerves to function properly. As long as the

body's nervous system is free of pressure and interference, the body can

work and  heal itself. With the body in a state of Healing you can get your

life and health back!


The best way to keep you children healthy and to promote rapid

development is to keep their body and nervous system functioning at 100%. By

getting kids adjusted it lets their brain work with their body with minimal



Keeping the body functioning at 100% is imperative for athletes of

all ages. Its not only adjust but all the soft tissue work that we

specialize in to keep you on the field and performing your best!



The body never changes more than it does during pregnancy. Our

Webster Certified doctors can not only make labor easier we can help make

all stages of pregnancy more comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

Top Credentialed Drs

Unlimited Visits

Convenient Hours

Friendly Environment

Free X-Rays


Meet Our Team

Blake Denischuk


Blake first started HealthMax Center in 2014, I did so out of a necessity to fix a broken healthcare system that I felt didn't promote real wellness. I had experienced serious heart issues in my twenties, and when I looked for solutions in the traditional medical world, all I found were recommendations for prescriptions, complicated surgeries, and very high medical bills.  Then, I found the chiropractic field, and not only did I finally get results

and start feeling better, but for the first time someone explained to me how the body works and how it can heal itself, if you take care of it. As I learned more about health and wellness, I realized this industry was not very customer focused. Most offices I visited subjected me to inconvenient

appointment times and overbooked schedules, a stuffy and impersonal medical

atmosphere, and very expensive treatment options. So, I decided to team up

with the Doctors of HealthMax Center. With my 15 years of business ownership

experience and their years of medical expertise, we set out to bring affordable, holistic healthcare options to as many people as we could. You

see HealthMax Center was created to allow people to get the quality of healthcare they need, not just the healthcare they can afford.

Robert Wagner

VP of Business Development

Born in Altus Oklahoma as the son of a 20 year Air Force veteran, Robert has always had a heart for business and helping people. After graduating from High school in San Antonio, Texas he attended Prairie View A &M University with a major in Business and Psychology. We then pursued his love for business by investing in his first company at the age of 25. That business started a 20 year career as a an entrepreneur and Corporate Executive where he focused on recruiting and training talent but also operations and process development. He joined the HealthMax family in 2018 to help grow and develop or multi-location approach to chiropractic care. Do not forget to say Hi to him as you will always see his smiling face as you walk in our office.

Dr. Simone Breslin

Webster Certified Chiropractor

I was born and raised an hour northwest of Chicago. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I graduated from Marian Central Catholic high school in Woodstock IL. I went to Northern Illinois University where I majored in Biological Sciences focusing on more pre-med classes. For as long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field in some shape or form. It was not until my junior year of college that I knew specifically I wanted to join the chiropractic community. What drew me in the most to chiropractic was the simple fact of being able to help patients in ways that many other doctoral professions could not. I could not picture myself in any other profession. I love being able to see the changes in my patient’s personalities when they are gradually getting out of pain. They go from depressed and hopeless to motivated and excited. Seeing the light come back into their lives from what we can do as a profession is powerful.

Dr. Jack Breslin

Sports Chiropractor

I graduated from Central Michigan University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science in Preventative and Rehabilitative Studies. After graduating, I moved into personal training in the greater Detroit area where I worked with elite & professional level athletes. In 2016 I decided to go back to school and attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. I then received my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in early 2019 and have since joined the HealthMax team where I have been working diligently to move the company forward and bring chiropractic to the community.

While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.

B. J. Palmer

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