Our Story

Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the club! My name is Blake Denischuk and I am, the CEO and founder of
HealthMax Center. I am so honored to welcome you to the HealthMax Center family. You have made one of the most important decisions for yourself and your loved ones; the decision to engage in the HealthMax Center program to improve your health and well-being

When I first started HealthMax Center in 2014, I did so out of a necessity to fix a broken healthcare system that I felt didn’t promote real wellness. I had experienced serious heart issues in my twenties, and when I looked for solutions in the traditional medical world, all I found were recommendations for prescriptions, complicated surgeries, and very high medical bills. Then, I found the chiropractic field, and not only did I finally get results and start feeling better, but for the first time someone explained to me how the body works and how it can heal itself, if you take care of it. As I learned more about health and wellness, I realized this industry was not very customer focused. Most offices I visited subjected me to inconvenient appointment times and overbooked schedules, a stuffy and impersonal medical atmosphere, and very expensive treatment options. So, I decided to team up with the Doctors of HealthMax Center. With my 15 years of business ownership experience and three years of medical expertise, we set out to bring affordable, holistic healthcare options to as many people as we could. You see HealthMax Center was created to allow people to get the quality of healthcare they Need, not just the healthcare they can afford.

The first time you walked into the HealthMax Center you likely noticed that our office is very
different from other healthcare facilities you may have visited before. This is not by accident.
Over the next few months, we will help to familiarize you with the unique “HealthMax Center
Approach” that will help your body get back on the path to optimal health. You have our
personal commitment, and the commitment of our entire team, to deliver top quality care at a
reasonable price. We are focused on doing everything we can to gain your trust and the trust of
anyone you may refer to us in the future.

We want to help educate and empower you, as you embark on this journey to restore your
health the right way. Your body’s power to heal itself is more significant than anyone has ever
allowed you to believe. This is one of the core beliefs behind the “HealthMax Center Approach.”

We also believe, you are a very important part of this relationship. Your stories and feedback
are vital to helping us help you achieve your goals and begin to feel the changes our system is

having on your health. We look forward to seeing you in the Center and remember “We’ve Got Your Back”

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