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Nervous System

The nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves that exit the spine. The body is designed to maintain and heal itself, a function called homeostasis! Every part of the body is coordinated through the nervous system. It is constantly receiving messages from every cell, organ, and system, while coordinating every function in our body, including breathing, heart rate, digestion, body temperature, immune system, and many others.

Blood Pressure / Blood Flow

The bodies ability to regulate blood flow and pressure is improved dramatically. Because of this, getting adjusted regularly can help speed up the recovery process of injuries.

A Hollistic Approach

So to Recap: Healthy Chiropractic Adjustments, lead to a Health Nervous System, leads to a Health Immune System.

Disability & Disease

When bacteria enters the body, the nervous system has to alert your immune system to react. Without a strong nervous system, the immune system will not work as proficiently as it should.

Cognitive Ability

That's right! It improves your ability to think more clearly. The correct use of chiropractic care can calm a hyperactive mind and energize a depressed mind.

Energy Levels

Increased energy, increased vitality, and improved sleep are all a result of having less stress. Less stress stems from proper Chiropractic Care. It's simple

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